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Uganda to introduce tough new social media law

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Uganda , 31 Aug 2021

Uganda has followed Zambia's example and is to enforce legislation which will criminalise the spread of what it defines as fake and illicit information via social media.

The country’s Minister for ICT and National Guidance Chris Baryomunsi told a parliamentary committee on ICT that the government is in the process of drafting a Bill that will regulate the way Ugandans use social media.

Baryomunsi said the legislation is targeted at those who forward prohibited content, including pornography, and will “close gaps” within the existing Computer Misuse Act.

The Minister said this Act had not done enough to regulate social media usage in the country.

Baryomunsi added that the Bill will be drafted and tabled in parliament before the end of this year.

He said: “The law will include measures that stop anybody from forwarding to another person any wrong or false information. And even when you receive false information, we shall make the law that stops you from forwarding the information you know is false to another person. We are going to put restrictions which are aimed at ensuring that social media and other communication platforms are used for good purposes and not for danger.”

In March this year, the Zambian government enacted the Cyber Security and Cybercrime Bill which it claimed will help combat cybercrime, coordinate cyber security matters, develop relevant skills and help promote the responsible use of social media platforms among Zambians.

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