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CloudSmiths DotModus merge at the right time

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Africa , 19 Jul 2022
Jason Timm, CloudSmiths CEO.
Jason Timm, CloudSmiths CEO.

Salesforce partner CloudSmiths has merged with DotModus, a Google Cloud Platform Premier Partner in data engineering and cloud infrastructure consultancy, to operate under the CloudSmiths brand.

Launched in 2010, DotModus specialises in Google Cloud Data Analytics and Google Cloud Infrastructure. It is also a Gold Microsoft partner with a client portfolio comprising media, mining, retail, financial services and pharmaceutical multinationals across South Africa, the UK and the US.

CloudSmiths is a Salesforce Cloud reseller and implementation partner that specialises in the deployment and integration of the Salesforce platform and its solutions into third-party applications.

Its client portfolio includes leading South African banks, telecommunications companies and retailers.

Both companies are members of Dynamic Technologies, a software and technology group of 12 companies across South Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom and the US.

According to a statement, the merged entity will spearhead the world’s major cloud technologies in the group.

Touching on the rationale behind the partnership, executive leadership from CloudSmiths and DotModus says both companies want to increase their value to partners – CloudSmiths to Salesforce, DotModus to Google.

Each business has had to embark on their own respective organic journey to reach the point where a business merger made sense and was plausible.

DotModus CEO, Thomas Fowler, who will assume the role of CTO of the newly formed company, says, “Rather than pushing for inorganic growth, and waiting for one or the other company to catch up to the size of the other business, the companies decided to wait until the time was right for a merger of true equals. Each business had its own targets to reach before being ready for a merger of this nature, and both have now achieved those - making now the right time and optimal point in each business’ path for this move to happen.”

For the first time, in both businesses’ histories, they are equal peers: both at the right size for a merger to make sense, and each at similar points in their growth

The value proposition is a one-stop solution for businesses seeking to use data driven insights to create exceptional customer experiences, helping their clients build great relationships with their target audiences.

CloudSmiths’ CEO Jason Timm, who holds a seat on the EMEA Salesforce Partner Advisory Board for Cloud Resellers, will lead the merged business in the same capacity.

Timm explains: “There are significant synergies between CloudSmiths and DotModus, with each business needing the specialist skills the other offers. For us to continue growing, a merger made perfect business sense.”

The merged entity will offer a range of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and customer journey solutions that make it possible for its clients to own the entire customer experience and data journey.

Fowler adds, “To begin with, in their own right, both CloudSmiths and DotModus were already differentiated from competitors in their respective playgrounds, with no other organisations able to offer the level of capability in their respective fields to the marketplace in Africa. The pre-existing expertise of each company has seen the entities hold shared customers and staff in regions such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Nigeria. What this merged entity provides to the broader African market is enabling each business to combine their respective partnerships (namely Salesforce and Google), and offer them at scale throughout the continent. The merger also creates more opportunity for recruitment of skilled people out of these regions with a greater degree of intent.

He says, “Our merger brings together two successful businesses to form an entity that can provide our customers with market-leading customer experience solutions coupled with extensive data insight capabilities. I’m really excited about the complementary skills sets and solutions our new company can offer our clients.”

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