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Exclusive: Liquid unveils Azure Stack in Zambia

By , Africa editor
Zambia , 20 Sep 2023
Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia.
Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia is set to launch its Azure Stack offering today.

The Cassava Technologies-owned Liquid says the availability of Azure Stack in Zambia positions the company to serve enterprises of all sizes. 

It offers Zambian businesses access to hyperscale cloud solutions, while meeting local data regulatory needs.

The launch comes at a time when many businesses across Africa are migrating to the cloud, fuelled by numerous advantages, such as scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Liquid says its investment will also provide customers with highly secure cloud solutions, minimise latency, and enable real-time business continuity through flexible adoption models.

"Local businesses, particularly SMEs, are rapidly seeing the benefits of migrating to the cloud," it says. “The accompanying high cost of cloud adoption, on the other hand, has always been a deterrent.

"However, the availability of Azure Stack in the country has levelled the playing field for local businesses in comparison to their international counterparts."

Mark Townsend, CEO, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia, says: “According to the Zambia Inclusive Digital Economy Status Report 2022, the local digital is still in the start-up phase.

“This indicates that as an economy, we still need to make cloud more easily accessible to ensure we are 100% ready. With the unveiling of Azure Stack, Liquid Zambia has reiterated its commitment to working with the public and private sector to convert Zambia into a digital economy.”

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