Data centres

Liquid acquires Egyptian cyber security firm Cysiv MEA

Cysiv MEA, formerly SecureMisr, provides enterprise cloud and cyber security services to some of Egypt's top companies, particularly in the financial services sector.
Staff Writer
Sep 11, 2018

China Telecom Global selects Teraco Data Environments, as location for its inter-connection hub

CTMEA has announced that it is establishing an inter-connection network and telecommunications hub to support growing traffic demands at Teraco Data Environments.
May 27, 2016

Resolving the data centre disconnect

Claudio Polla,?regional manager, Middle East Africa: Tintri says the disconnect between virtualised applications and physical storage is costing businesses time and money.
Apr 1, 2014

SA's data centre market forecast to top $521 million

Managed hosting, virtualised offerings and cloud computing are expected to drive market growth.
Feb 21, 2014

Asking the Right Questions

Mark Hirst, T4 product manager at Cannon Technologies, explains why failing to give these products the respect they deserve could prove costly.
Feb 20, 2014

Modular Data Centres the Lego of IT?

Before Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) launched Project Blackbox, later the Sun Modular Datacenter, a number of companies, including Google, had played around with the idea of modularising the data centre.
Feb 19, 2014

Thermal runaway, the unexpected killer of your data centre

A combination of technologies being applied either wrongly or with no proper failsafe planning is risky for data centres, says Mark Hirst, Cannon T4 product manager of Cannon Technologies.
Oct 16, 2013

Data centre training for Africa

Data centre design and data centre management has, over the past decade, evolved into a profession that requires formal training and development.?
Aug 1, 2012

SA's data centre dominance under threat

Research says East and West Africa could takeover SA's position as Africa's top market by 2016.
Jul 17, 2012

African data centres in containers

South African IT disaster and business continuity company has a unique offering.
Jul 6, 2012

Africa needs its own cloud infrastructure

Expert says data centres need to be built on the continent.
May 10, 2012

‘SA could become Africa’s data centre capital’

South African company says it has setup the continent's biggest data centre facility.