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Airtel Kenya pays US$40m to boost spectrum spread

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Kenya , Africa , 26 Jul 2022

Airtel Africa has confirmed that its subsidiary, Airtel Kenya Networks Limited has secured an additional 60MHz of spectrum on the 2600MHz band having purchased another licence from the Communications Authority of Kenya for US$40-million.

The newly acquired spectrum licence is valid for 15 years, effective July 2022, said Airtel Africa.

It added that Airtel Kenya Networks will use the additional spectrum to support the expansion of its 4G network to accommodate increased demand for both mobile data and fixed wireless home broadband capacity.

The new spectrum licence, the company said will also lay the foundation for future 5G rollout, providing significant capacity to accommodate Airtel Kenya’s continued strong data growth in the country.

Airtel Africa, a subsidiary of India’s Bharti Airtel has a presence in 14 African countries including Chad, DRC, Gabon, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.

Airtel Africa stated: “Kenya is one of our largest markets by revenue. This investment reflects our continued confidence in the opportunity inherent in the Kenya market, supporting the local communities and economies through furthering digital inclusion and connectivity.”

In June this year, Airtel Africa acquired an additional 58 MHz spectrum spread across 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz bands for a gross consideration of US$42-million to bolster its service delivery in the DRC.

Richard Kadoro, a telecommunications researcher at Computer Association of Zambia, said, “These investments also give an impression that the company is really laying the groundwork for a big thing, the rollout of the 5G networks that will give it a completive edge against competitors in markets across its operations. A number of countries in the African region are considering the 5G network due to its numerous benefits.”

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