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Arch Retail Systems is now multi-currency fiscal compliant in Zimbabwe

Spinnaker Software is the supplier of Arch Retail Systems, a leading retail management software solution operational in more than 1 600 stores throughout Southern Africa, inclusive of Zimbabwe.

The strategy has always been to ensure valued Arch Users have the Edge in a highly competitive and ever evolving retail landscape. In line with this, Spinnaker is proud to announce that Arch Retail Systems is now multi-currency fiscal compliant in Zimbabwe according to the Statutory Instrument (SI) 185 of 2020.

The regulation compels sellers of various goods and services to display, quote and offer prices in both Zimbabwean dollar and foreign currency at the ruling exchange rate. Spinnaker Software, supplier of the Arch Retail product, has successfully completed through their in-house development team amendments to address the requirements of the Zimbabwe Tax Authority (ZIMRA). This includes both dual currencies and the printing of the fiscal signature on the receipts as per ZIMRA requirements.

ZIMRA made a decision that tenders received in ZWL and USD must be reported to two separate ZIMRA servers. When a consumer pays in either ZWL or USD, the amount received in either or both currencies is separately shown on the Arch Retail receipt. Arch Retail also displays dual currencies on the shelf talker labels and offers dual currency reporting which are required to be sent to ZIMRA, as per the currency received.

In addition, Arch Retail can also successfully communicate with the new RevMax Electronic Signature Device via the Arch Transaction Bridge. The Arch Transaction Bridge is a middle integration layer that is outside the Arch Retail core system which 3rd Party Value Added Services are integrated into, ensuring flexibility for future changes. A major advantage of the RevMax fiscalisation system is that stores can now print on any printer, slip or A4, as the fiscal signature is provided by the USB device.

In another customer focussed development, Arch Retail will be integrated into EFT Corp by the end of the second quarter of 2021. The integration will include direct EFT payments (Cards and Eco Cash) as well as prepaid airtime.

Click here to view sample of invoice.

For more information, contact Arch on webinfo@archsoftware.co.za

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