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Yuasa Battery to shed light on Africa's power supply challenge

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 01 Oct 2015

Yuasa Battery to shed light on Africa's power supply challenge

Global provider of industrial battery solutions Yuasa Battery plans to invest in Africa's renewable energy sector using its solar light kit technology, which features a quick mobile phone charger function.

The company, originally from Japan and operating out of the US, wants to invest in Zambia,

Ethiopia and Angola, among other African countries, to supply solar power to communities.

The technology is expected to address mobile phone charging problems, especially in rural areas that are not connected to the national grid and where people have to travel long distances to charge their mobile devices.

Yuasa Battery also wants to expand its services to help mitigate the current power shortage affecting countries, including Zambia.

Officials have confirmed that the Japanese Embassy will survey the size of the Zambian market on behalf of the company in order to help it prepare for engagement and determine the cost of entry into the market.

First Secretary for general, political affairs and economic cooperation at the Japanese Embassy in Zambia Yasahiro Yamao said the solar kit uses a rechargeable battery which could last up to three years.

"The solar kit comes with a rechargeable battery, 20 years for solar panel, 13 years for the bulb if used for 10 hours per day together with a mobile phone charger function," he said.

Yamao added that the company is expected to invest in Zambia this year or by early next year.

According to Yamao the company expects a sizeable demand for the kits due to the current power shortage, and that the cost of the solar kits will depend on whether or not the Zambian government will provide tax relief in view of the power shortage.

The Southern African country is currently faced with a critical power shortage that has forced authorities to pursue investments in renewable energy, especially solar power.

Last month, the Zambian government said it was in the process of signing contracts for renewable power plants with unnamed foreign companies in a bid to mitigate the power shortage.

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