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Zambia looks to Uzi to leverage Angola connection

By , ITWeb’s Zambian correspondent.
Zambia , 28 Mar 2018

Zambia looks to Uzi to leverage Angola connection

The Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) is looking to the country's recently confirmed fourth mobile phone operator Uzi Zambia Limited for improved connectivity with Angola.

Ngabo Nankonde, ZICTA manager for corporate communication, said given their presence in Angola, the expectation is that Uzi Zambia will leverage the relationship to improve Zambia's connection to the Angolan fibre backbone and in turn to the subsea cables landing in Angola.

She said this will create a direct route to South America through the South Atlantic cable system and ultimately provide a shorter connection to the West African cable system.

Nankonde added that ZICTA accepted Uzi's application because the company had the best strategy to grow their network locally.

She said Uzi will increase competition in the market and force a reduction in the cost of communications.

"So we were looking just beyond the presence of the company. We were looking at what they can offer to have cheaper tariffs and improve connectivity. We also examined the levels of investment and what technology they are willing to bring in," said Nankonde.

ZICTA confirmed the company will bring in LTE technology that supports both 4.5G and 5G across the country.

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