Paratus Group signs BSO as first customer for Express Route

And offers the global financial sector the fastest low latency connectivity between Johannesburg and London.
From Johannesburg to Swakopmund via Botswana.

Paratus Group, which positions itself as a leading pan-African telecommunications provider, has signed with BSO – the global pioneering infrastructure and connectivity provider serving the world’s largest financial institutions – as its first customer for the recently launched Paratus Express Route. This groundbreaking fibre route provides the fastest connectivity between Johannesburg and Europe, with an impressive latency of just 123 milliseconds.

BSO, known for its low-latency connectivity solutions for businesses operating in time-sensitive industries, is now able to enhance its service offering by using Paratus Express Route. Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO, said: "We are excited – not only to be the first customer on the Paratus Express Route, but also because this reinforces our promise of providing the fastest and most reliable connectivity solutions across the globe. This is a very significant and pioneering collaboration that translates to offering the lowest latency route between Johannesburg and London to the enterprises that need it most."

Michael Ourabah, CEO, BSO.

The Paratus Express Route, which runs from Johannesburg to Swakopmund via Botswana, connects to the Paratus-landed Equiano Subsea Cable, providing a direct link to Lisbon, London and the rest of Europe. By investing heavily in its contiguous and diverse fibre network, Paratus has established an unparalleled route that guarantees superior performance and reliability for network service providers and their enterprise customers.

Martin Cox, Chief Commercial Officer at Paratus Group, added: "Our partnership with BSO underscores the value of the Paratus Express Route for network service providers and their financial services clients. By combining our local expertise with global reach, we are uniquely positioned to meet the critical connectivity demands of the financial industry. Our express route also marks a significant milestone on our journey to transform Africa's digital landscape and to support the growth of the financial services sector."

Martin Cox, Chief Commercial Officer at Paratus Group.

As financial institutions increasingly rely on high-speed, low-latency connectivity to gain a competitive edge, the Paratus Express Route, with BSO as its first customer, is revolutionising trading operations between Africa and Europe. The enhanced connectivity will empower financial firms in London and Johannesburg to trade faster and capitalise on market opportunities.

The Paratus Express Route not only offers unmatched speed and performance but also provides a crucial alternative path for network operators, mitigating the impact of potential fibre outages between Johannesburg and Cape Town. With Paratus as the landing partner for the Equiano Subsea Cable in Namibia, customers are assured of resilient and diverse connectivity.

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