Brahima Sanou

Tanzania joins East Africa’s One Network Area

East African Community initiative established to eliminate high roaming costs.
Paul Adepoju
Dec 11, 2018

Africa sees strong Internet growth

For the first time, more than half of the world's population is now using the Internet, but only a quarter of those in Africa.
Nov 20, 2017

African countries slip on ICT Development Index

Only one of the five African nations in the top hundred has improved its position.
Oct 24, 2017

Johannesburg, Cairo ranked among top 60 digitally safe cities globally

Security remains closely linked to wealth, but the scores of high-income cities are falling.
Jun 19, 2017

Mauritius, Rwanda and Kenya excel on global cybersecurity ranking

Three countries have shown the biggest commitment to cybersecurity among African countries, according to ITU report.
Nov 22, 2016

SA's ICT ranking slips to 88 out of 175

Despite improving its ICT development index value, SA's ICT global ranking moved from 86 to 88.
Nov 16, 2016

Global ICT statistics stakeholders head for Botswana

14th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium gets underway in late November.
Sep 12, 2016

Kenya's ICT capacity building model works - ITU

Digital transformation, regulation and skills development identified as key to redefining capacity building strategies.
Mar 17, 2016

Nigeria, Ghana commit to digital broadcast transition by 2017

More expected from continent as global industry authorities agree on need for new set of connectivity targets.
May 28, 2015

Africa's mobile broadband access below 20%

In Africa only one in five people use the internet today.