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Innovation on Africa’s terms

Africa will be well-placed to take its place among the world’s technological and innovation leaders says Ndagi Job Goshi, General Manager, Liferay Africa.
Ndagi Job Goshi
Sep 21, 2021

Could open-source make South Africa’s SOEs safer and improve service delivery?

The sooner South Africa’s SOEs and government departments realise that, the sooner the country can start achieving the growth it’s capable of says Greg Gatherer, Account Manager, Liferay Africa.

What can the rest of the world learn from Africa’s approach to tech and innovation?

There can be no doubt that businesses on the continent are unafraid to embrace technology and innovation says Ndagi Job Goshi, GM of Liferay Africa.

What is a digital experience platform and what does it mean for Africa?

Many African organisations have yet to realise the full benefits of digital transformation says Ndagi Job Goshi, GM Liferay Africa.