Jul 8, 2016

Sage CRM empowers Corruption Watch to fight crime

Following the implementation of Sage CRM, non-governmental organisation (NGO) Corruption Watch has substantially boosted the number of reports it receives from 40 to 80 per week.
Sep 29, 2015

OPINION: Why companies are scared of going mobile

What constitutes a true Mobile Workforce Solution and what is blocking more widespread deployment.
Aug 25, 2015

Barloworld first in Africa to transform its business using cloud solution

Barloworld Equipment has teamed up with Britehouse, an SAP partner that recommended a hosted CRM solution, SAP Cloud4Customer, which pools company data and delivers business intelligence functions.?
Jul 16, 2015

Why CRM and ERP are better together

 Every growing mid-sized enterprise needs to put in place business systems that help it streamline business processes, gain visibility into its operations, and enhance productivity. The underlying fundamentals are enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.