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Kaseya helps Cloud Solutions grow with the cloud

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22 May 2012

Kaseya helps Cloud Solutions grow with the cloud

Local Information Technology (IT) solution provider Cloud Solutions, a small-to-medium sized business that develops applications, web and management tools, faced the challenge of managing multiple disparate propriety systems to try and piece together the bespoke IT services the company offers.

“This was often a manual process taking up most of our technicians' time,” explains Scott Judnick, IT manager at Cloud Solutions. “We soon realised that we needed a suitable solution that could seamlessly integrate our various systems and also improve efficiencies by taking our time-consuming manual processes and automating them.”

As a small company the challenge for Cloud Solutions was finding an affordable solution that offered the right level of integration and functionality they required to improve business efficiency.

“Essentially we wanted a world-class product that didn't require the capital outlay of an enterprise-grade solution,” says Judnick. “We therefore looked to the cloud for a solution that was delivered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, as we knew that cloud computing today offers a compelling value proposition, especially for a business of our size.”

According to Judnick, adopting a SaaS solution meant that they didn't need to invest large capital outlays to buy the platform and the accompanying infrastructure required to run it. “By effectively 'renting' the solution it became an operating expense and we could scale up or down to meet demand,” he explains.

Following extensive research Cloud Solutions came across Kaseya, an internationally renowned solution provider with a local presence, experience and support structures. “This was an important factor for us as it gave us the reassurance that the solution works in a local context and has the support and back up we need to provide the best service to our clients,” continues Judnick.

“We also had concerns around the security of our data and systems in the cloud, but after discussing this with the team at Kaseya we were very happy with the security offered around their data centre.”

“The Kaseya IT Centre solution is hosted in the world-class Vodacom data centre, offering the highest levels of security and redundancy, with a 99.9% SLA,” explains Garth Hayward, regional manager for Africa at Kaseya. “The Kaseya IT Centre is the ultimate solution for automating recurring IT tasks. The cloud-based architecture ensured that Cloud Solutions were up and running quickly and simply once they decided to adopt the solution. They were then able to proactively manage and control their IT assets remotely, easily and efficiently from one integrated web-based platform.”

“Since implementing the Kaseya solution we have experienced dramatic cost savings on a per-module implementation basis with regard to the services we offer, as we are now able to more effectively cost in each of our services to our clients.” says Judnick. “And each time Kaseya releases a new module we are able to offer a new service to our clients. Since implementing Kaseya we have experienced a tenfold increase in our service offering and are also able to better tailor our solutions and build bespoke systems for our clients.”

“With Kaseya we are now able to provide a top class service at a lower cost and we are also benefiting from the customer-centric approach the company takes with regard to their customers,” continues Judnick. “Kaseya listens to their customers and uses this feedback loop to improve system performance and their product offering, which ultimately improves our business,” he concludes.

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