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The incredibly connectable MediaTile

The incredibly connectable MediaTile

Incredible Connection has taken delivery of its first MediaTile Digital-Sign-In-A-Box.

Tactile Technologies' new MediaTile will not be added to one of the Connection's thousands of other hi-tech products just yet; it will be utilised rather as an in-store technology to revolutionise the Connection's marketing and training programmes.

With over 500 sales staff and 51 stores in all corners of South Africa, it is a much needed co-ordinating resource. According to Elnathan Kock, sales manager for the group, the MediaTile promises to be a godsend for him by allowing for 'interaction with outlying stores which were previously all but unreachable'. He would like to see 'co-ordinated media packages piped into stores,' is how Elnathan describes his vision of what these super-connected displays will ultimately do for him.

In South Africa's culturally diverse sales environment, where staff and customers have experienced a myriad of different educational models and, indeed, where many are now moving into what can be called the 'post literate' world, the visual is taking over as the dominant training medium. Language has been, and promises to remain, a clumsy tool under our local circumstances. Elnathan sees across-store logistical training concerns as becoming 'more and more critical' for the improvement of services.

It is irrational to expect sales executives and store sales staff to be able to manage a complicated network of media signs, or indeed to learn how to load them with media from complicated software platforms. 'Digital signage broadcast networks' is a phrase to fill the heart of any a people's-person with pure terror. This was the way things were done before the MediaTile, which may well explain the lack of success of similar devices in the past. Because MediaTile is online and browser controlled, on-site network management, application software and upgrades are no longer necessary.

With Web-based management and 3G cellular technology, all that is required is a standard power point. The MediaTile will automatically connect to the Internet and download the content it is directed to play; which can be any media at all, all of which can be controlled remotely from any computer with an Internet connection. Jpegs, Mpegs, DVD content, flash movies or even PowerPoint presentations can be easily and seamlessly broadcast across a network of screens of a limitless size. A non-media savvy person needs an average of only 30 minutes to acquire the skills needed to be proficient at mastering the browser interface. Video editing, looping and all the other seemingly daunting tasks are a breeze with the Broadcast Portal, the MediaTile dedicated idiot-proof browser software.

Narrowcasting: broadcasting to a narrow interest group, is the term being bandied about these days, and as such the MediaTile takes the narrowcasting first prize.

When Incredible Connection's MediaTiles are not being used to set the tone or train staff, you can guarantee that they will be advertising the latest specials and newest products. The MediaTile can be utilised as revenue-generating advertising space outside of its in-store applications, for example, to advertise an external Internet service provider. In this way, a faster ROI can easily be achieved. For the purely corporate client it is naturally possible to make use of the WiFi and networking-cable capabilities and leave the management of the content to the in-house wizards; who will no doubt find the MediaTile a piece of digital cake.

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