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InnoVent MAR licensing offering gains traction in Africa

Kwirirai Rukowo, General Manager, Qrent.
Kwirirai Rukowo, General Manager, Qrent.

The InnoVent Group’s Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher (MAR) programme is gaining traction across Africa, as InnoVent makes Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 Licenses available to Third Party Refurbishers across the continent.

Through its licensing agreement with Microsoft, InnoVent hasaccess to genuine Microsoft licenses for refurbished computers. Since announcing its licensing agreement with Microsoft in 2021, InnoVent is seeing growing interest on the continent in the Microsoft license offering for refurbished PCs, says Kwirirai Rukowo, General Manager of InnoVent’s refurbished division, Qrent.

Rukowo says securing a licensing agreement with Microsoft as an official Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher on the continent, means the group does not need to go through another MAR overseas for licenses, allowing it to reduce the turnaround time to acquire and pre-install genuine Windows licenses.

“We now sub-distribute genuine software licenses to Third Party Refurbishers helping address the problem of software piracy and enabling refurbishers in Africa to offer legitimate software licenses at a lower cost.

This reinforces customer trust in the refurbishers, as only genuine Windows operating systems offer end-users the quality and security they expect, with full access to downloads, updates, and enhanced features,” Rukowo says.

Microsoft says the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher programme is a partnership tailored to meet the needs of large device refurbishers, enabling them to professionally refurbish Windows devices and preinstall genuine Microsoft software.

The MAR programme provides an authorised licence for refurbished computers with a previous Windows operating system Certificate of Authenticity (COA) affixed to the equipment. 

“With licenses through the MAR programme, refurbishers in Africa have the opportunity to offer customers a fully functional solution, rather than just hardware,” Rukowo says.

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