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Continental Airlines implements MediaTile cellular digital signage

Continental Airlines improves efficiency, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction with MediaTile cellular digital signage

Continental Airlines deployed MediaTile's all-in-one, cellular digital signage solution throughout employee and passenger areas in Houston and Newark airport terminals. The MediaTile Digital-Sign-in-a-Box solution was used to improve employee communications and training, to improve worker safety, increase efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction. With the solution in place, Continental realised the following results:

*35% improvement in bag handling efficiencies
*30% decrease in safety incidents
*Dramatically improved awareness of correct policies and procedures among all types of staff
*Faster deployment and understanding of new policies
*Overall improvement in customer satisfaction

The Problem: As with any airline, Continental employees at the terminal must be aware of a multitude of rules and regulations, understand the correct policies and operating procedures, and to be mindful of the daily objectives and goals of the carrier. Continental needed an in-terminal communications system that could efficiently and effectively communicate important messages to improve employee safety, reduce costs, and to provide tips and guidelines to improve customer satisfaction.

The Solution: MediaTile's 32" and 42" cellular digital signs were deployed in employee break rooms, in the terminal ramp area, aircraft maintenance area, in corporate training areas, and in passenger gate areas. The all-in-one MediaTile displays were deployed quickly and easily using on-site union workers. With MediaTile's easy-to-use Broadcast Portal, play lists are easily created and issued to specific displays to remind employees of safety precautions and procedures for passengers' bag handling and other personal items. These play lists also provide instructions for entry/exit protocol and rules and regulations for the handling of hazardous materials.

The MediaTile advantage:
*Fast, easy deployment by labour union, deployed in 1/10 the time of a "networked" solution
*No IT services needed, system includes build-in cellular broadband services – just add power
*All-in-one, high-definition, commercial display that deliver high-impact messages
*Very easy to operate and manage (Web-based)
*Supports use of existing material- Powerpoint, jpeg, video, avi, flash
*Reliable and highly scalable systems

"MediaTile's solution has significantly improved our employee communications and helped us to reach our goals in safety, security and customer satisfaction…" says Corey Hoffman, Manager Airport Communications Continental Airlines.

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