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Constantly in touch with Tactile

Constantly in touch with Tactile

Did you know that when flying in South Africa you encounter and use Tactile products every single time?

On your way to the airport you might stop at an ENGEN fuel station, we have about 3000 touch screen monitors at their Points Of Sale... Once at the airport the self-service check-in terminals contain Elo touch screen monitors... As you go through security ACSA staff will scan your boarding pass on a kiosk (supplied by our client integrator) containing an Elo touch screen monitor... Not finished yet because even ACSA security uses Elo touch screen technology to scan your luggage.. And we still are not done, you might go for a bite at a SPUR, KFC, WIMPY, OCEAN BASKET, NANDO'S, STEERS or MILKY WAY... all use Elo touch screen monitors and/or FEC POS terminals.

Technology wise about 90% of these products are equipped with Elo's leading Surface Acoustic Wave Technology. The latest version of this technology, called ITOUCH, is taking the South African market by storm. It features a zero bezel front allowing flush integration and approaches a 0% failure rate. The technology is currently being deployed by leading retailers such as MR PRICE, DION WIRED, SPAR and ENGEN.

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