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Tigo subscriber growth soars to 20 million in Tanzania

By , Senior contributor
Tanzania , 24 May 2024
Tigo Tanzania's CEO, Kamal Okba, launched the "Sako Kwa Bako" campaign.
Tigo Tanzania's CEO, Kamal Okba, launched the "Sako Kwa Bako" campaign.

Tigo Tanzania has reached 20 million subscribers, thanks in significant part to an average annual growth rate of 600,000 new consumers beginning in 2021.

To commemorate the milestone in the East African country, the telco this week launched the "Sako Kwa Bako" campaign, which it says is aimed at celebrating its increasing numbers.

Speaking at the launch, CEO Kamal Okba stated that the achievement is a significant step in the company's drive to reinventing customers' communications and financial experiences in Tanzania.

He said 'Sako Kwa Bako’ which translates to “together every step of the way,” embodies Tigo's commitment to enhancing its relationship with customers through invoking memories of shared experiences, from iconic campaign taglines to life-changing products and services.

Tigo, the third biggest mobile network company in Tanzania with a market share of over 28 percent, is behind Vodacom who hold a 30 percent share and second placed Airtel.

The telco said its subscriber growth was propelled by investment in the quality of the network through increasing 4G network coverage.

Tigo said it added approximately 1,250 base stations of which an estimated 80% are providing 4G services into the mainland and Zanzibar.

The telco said 4G services offer increased bandwidth for users, and plans are in place aimed at enhancing penetration in rural areas as well as increasing access to data services for the underserved customers.

The Tigo 20 million subscriber milestone further comes in the backdrop of increased connectivity competition amongst telcos in Africa, including Tanzania.

According to Gadgetronix, distributor of communication equipment in Tanzania, the telecommunications industry has grown remarkably in the East African country.

“It is marked by a vibrant ISP ecosystem, with initiatives aiming to significantly expand broadband services and rural interconnection, driven by collaborations among major stakeholders including the government, mobile network operators, and organizations like GSMA and USAID,” reports Gadgetronix.

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