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New skills initiative to power up Africa’s solar prospects

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Africa , South Africa , 28 Nov 2022
Left to Right: Zhang Yu, Huawei John van Zuylen, AFSIA; Xia Hesheng, Huawei; Dr. Rethabile Melamu, SAPVIA; Bian Changle, Huawei.
Left to Right: Zhang Yu, Huawei John van Zuylen, AFSIA; Xia Hesheng, Huawei; Dr. Rethabile Melamu, SAPVIA; Bian Changle, Huawei.

Huawei launched its ‘Thousand Digital Power Talents Programme’ in Johannesburg South Africa, and congratulated the first batch of over 100 local solar industry practitioners to have received training.

The programme, promoted under the theme ‘Together, for a Better and Greener Africa’, aims to upskill over 1000 solar practitioners across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sector stakeholders including John van Zuylen, CEO of Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA), and Dr Rethabile Melamu, CEO of South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) joined Huawei at the opening ceremony of the programme.

Xia Hesheng, President of Southern Africa Digital Power Business, Huawei, highlighted Africa’s immense potential in terms of renewables and solar energy. “African countries have more than 40% of the world's solar energy resources, it’s crucial to have the right talent to tap into that potential. Through our Thousand Digital Power Talents Programme, we are committed to strengthening local talent ecosystem and drive further industry growth in Africa with local partners.” 

“At Huawei, we are dedicated to facilitating efficient solar power supply in Sub-Saharan Africa through our digital power technologies and solutions, while striving to grow solar industry ecosystem in the region through capacity building and talent developing programmes like this. With Huawei’s solutions that integrate digital and power electronics technologies and the Talent Programme, we are committed to creating more value for our partners.”

Huawei said it will host 25 training sessions in the remainder of 2022 and throughout 2023. The sessions, including theoretical and practical learning, will upskill solar practitioners with knowledge of digital power technology and solutions, as well as practical installation skills.

“SAPVIA is delighted to have Huawei, who shares the same vision of quality and safe solar PV installations, as a partner. I have no doubt that our continued collaboration will contribute to much-needed skills transfer to build the Africa we want, “said Dr Melamu.

Van Zuylen pointed out that, as the demand for solar energy grows in South Africa and elsewhere across the continent, the sector is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. “AFSIA welcomes Huawei’s talent development program, and looks forward to cooperating with Huawei to share new skills with solar technicians across the continent over the next 12 months”.

Huawei will also carry out training sessions in Kenya and Nigeria.

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