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Arch Retail Systems launches Arch eStore

A new online era

Offering an online shopping platform is all about offering customers convenience and enhancing their shopping experience. The retailer benefits strategically by retaining loyal customers and growing the business through an alternative channel.

Until recently, online shopping in South Africa only comprised about 2% of total retail sales. That figure is low compared to China’s approximately 20%.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic saw a surge of customers moving to online shopping, with demand far outstripping supply.

This trend is expected to stay long after the pandemic is over. Customers used to the convenience will continue using online services. Much of China’s strong growth in online shopping occurred after the 2008/2009 Avian Influenza pandemic.

Customer centricity wins

The future belongs to those retailers whose strategy is directed by customer centricity.

Customer-centric retailers learn from others’ mistakes, transform operational weaknesses into strategic strengths through innovation, and regard people as more important than products.

Customers are moving online, and retailers have the opportunity to invest in solutions which allow them to follow suit.

Arch eStore – an integrated online shopping platform

Spinnaker Software is the supplier of Arch Retail Systems, a leading retail management software solution operational in more than 1 600 stores throughout Southern Africa. Its client base includes major national retail groups such as OK Foods, Cambridge Food, Jumbo Cash & Carry, Ultra Liquors, Sefalana and President Hyper.

The strategy has always been to ensure valued Arch Users have the Edge in a highly competitive and ever evolving retail landscape. The latest edition to the Arch suite of products is Arch eStore. Integrating Arch eStore with in-store Arch Retail, facilitates a seamless flow from the customer placing the order online, to the store dispatching it.

Arch eStore, as an integrated solution, offering the retailer the following benefits:

• Integration reduces the administrative burden since information flows seamlessly through the process.

• Efficiency in executing the order reduces operational cost and potentially increases profitability.

• Arch eStore enhances the customer experience due to smooth process flow and accurate two-way communication.

• Customers have the option to either collect their order at the store or have it delivered at home.

• Purchases done through Arch eStore earn customers rewards through Arch Loyalty.

• Arch eStore plays an important role in visibility in our digital era, thus enhancing company and store brand.

• Integration assists retailers to align with the modern trend of using devices such as mobile phones and hand-held computers as a means to link to back-office systems.

Says David Geldenhuys (Marketing Executive, Spinnaker): "We are excited to launch Arch eStore, the latest addition to our Arch suite of products. We foresee it playing an important role in providing the customer with convenience, while the retailer retains loyal customers and grows the business through an alternative channel."

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