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Digital solutions for optimal document management

By Greg Griffith, Senior Product Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa.

Greg Griffith, Senior Product Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa.
Greg Griffith, Senior Product Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa.

With the exponential growth in content and data, businesses are facing more challenges when it comes to storing documentation. Although most organisations have moved to digital, many still store original and hard copies of their data, which is both costly and inefficient, not to mention that stricter data protection regulations are making compliance a growing concern for organisations.

Fortunately, the market has reacted with digital solutions for document management such as Content Services, which encompasses a range of content management features to digitise documents, thus allowing businesses to centralise data and automate workflows.

Since it enables organisations to manage information from creation to disposal, Content Services has numerous advantages. The 3 top benefits include lower costs, enhanced security, and increased efficiency.

1. Lower costs

Electronic data storage eliminates the need for paper, printing, filing and file storage costs. Content Services allows companies to capture and manage documents, freeing up dead space and making more efficient use of its resources.

2. Enhanced security

Whether digital documents are generally safer is no longer the question. Paper files can get easily lost or destroyed and seen by just about anyone, while digital files managed within a content management system are nowadays virtually indestructible and can be restricted to authorised individuals. Companies can also control who has access to their sensitive documentation and prevent the information from falling into the wrong hands.

In addition, documents are always secure thanks to technology that features end-to-end encryption, keeping information safe and providing digital backups.

3. Increased efficiency

Having multiple copies of the same document creates chaos with the possible use of the wrong versions and spending far too long searching for and processing them. A company’s document management system can either make day-to-day operations time-consuming and complicated, or can make things easy, traceable and secure.

When it comes to how the average employee accesses information, we often spend more time searching for it than using it and putting it to work. One of the advantages of electronic data storage is having digital archives where desired documents are just a few clicks away.

Why does Content Services matter?

Companies are constantly searching for the best method to handle information as the quantity, pace, and diversity increase so that they can make informed business decisions while keeping it organised and safe.

By adopting modern software solutions to manage documents, businesses can capture, digitise and index documents, creating a single source of data with useful, searchable information. All of which can lead to significant savings in time and money, while boosting overall efficiency and business competitiveness.

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