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Looking to accelerate the operations of your side hustle? Here’s how your smartphone’s mobile cloud can help you

A recent study has shown that young Africans are increasingly exploring part-time work, also known as side hustles, to close the financial burden that is brought by the rising cost of living. In addition to their 9 to 5, it is found that 1 in 4 people aged 18 to 34, have more than one job and are frequently looking for new ways to increase their income.

If you’re a content creator or a digital entrepreneur looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to store all your multimedia files, Huawei Mobile Cloud, is specifically designed to support your side hustle. It gives you access to secure remote storage, improves collaboration, and keeps all your docs up to date.

Remote data storage and access

Huawei Mobile Cloud enables you to securely store, manage and access important data remotely. This eliminates the need for physical storage infrastructure and provides you with access to essential files and documents from anywhere at any time. Simply sign into the cloud using your Huawei ID and enjoy cross-device synchronization on your smartphone, PC or tablet. Thanks to the seamless user experience, you will have peace of mind knowing that your data is stored safely in the cloud and is protected by state-of-the-art security features.

Collaboration to enhance all digital driven activities

Mobile cloud facilitates real-time collaboration by providing you with the ability to sync documents and crucial data instantly. With this in place, you can share links to your files with a partner. Using Huawei Mobile Cloud, your side hustle can therefore enhance teamwork, improve decision-making, and improve productivity.

Scale all data according to your needs

Your side hustle is not static, thus you will need a cloud solution that can scale according to your needs. Huawei Mobile Cloud provides you with a wealth of storage options at affordable price points. Upgrading your storage package is as easy as a click of a button. Plus, there are no hidden costs involved, what you see is what you pay for namely secure and always available storage.

Save cost and focus on core operations

If most of your work is digital, using your smartphones’ mobile cloud will result in significant cost savings. You can avoid the upfront expenses associated with outsourcing data backup solutions. With Huawei Mobile Cloud, you’re offered a subscription-based pricing model which enables you to pay for the services you need.

Mobile cloud technology utilises advanced technologies and services, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, without requiring significant computational resources on your mobile device.

For more information about the Huawei Mobile Cloud and to give your small business the boost it needs for a digital world click here.

* Article first published on www.itweb.co.za

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