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Adobe makes Creative Cloud accessible to K-12 Schools in Africa

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Africa , 07 Feb 2019

Adobe makes Creative Cloud accessible to K-12 Schools in Africa

Adobe's new Creative Cloud pricing for K-12 schools, introduced in 2018 significantly reduced the cost of the suite from $35 to just $5 per student per year.

A move that we believe underscores Adobe's commitment to providing students and teachers, particularly in the African region, with the creative tools they need to nurture creativity and creative problem-solving skills early on.

The K-12 licensing model gives schools access to the entire Creative Cloud suite of apps for a fraction of the cost of standard licensing. This includes 2GB of cloud storage each, as well as the option to log in and install the Creative Cloud application on their home computer or mobile device.

"Making Creative Cloud affordable will have a significant impact on African schools - allowing more students to engage with these creative tools in a meaningful way" says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data.

Having access to leading edge technology in African schools empowers students to explore the digital world and its possibilities. Dax Data strongly believes that the opportunity to develop creative problem-solving skills at school level has the potential to jumpstart students' future careers as these skills translate across industries.

Adobe is invested in gaining an understanding of the impact creative tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and Experience Design can have on students' creative development.

Their recent research findings confirmed that many of the barriers to teaching these skills are universal - the biggest of which include limited budgets, access to technology, and time to learn new skills.

As teachers shift their classrooms to incorporate creative projects that build these skills, Adobe is shifting its offerings to provide an affordable, easy, and quick way to succeed.

The full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud apps is available now to K-12 schools through our channel partners, at an MSRP $4.99 per user license, per year, with a minimum purchase quantity of 500 licenses for a single school, or 2,500 licenses for a school district.

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