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Satellite services provider Q-KON partners with Angola’s Startel

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Angola , 27 Feb 2013

Satellite services provider Q-KON partners with Angola’s Startel

South African services provider of satellite and wireless access network solutions Q-KON is to supply Angolan telecommunications firm Startel SA (Startel) with a broadband and data offering.

Q-KON plans to supply Startel with access to its StarLight offering, an end-to-end two-way IP access service for broadband access and data communication.

The service includes first tier internet access, satellite uplink teleport and satellite communication bandwidth.

Startel will brand the service as Starnet, an addition to the company’s portfolio, inclusive of Netbué Internet access and Falabué voice services.

“This agreement falls in line with our strategy to enhance connectivity in Angola, an expanding ICT and telecommunications market,” says Carlos Brito, managing director at Startel.

Hendrik Bezuidenhout, managing executive of Q-KON, says there has been a shift in focus within the technology services and solutions market from ‘international’ to ‘Africa’, with the current focus on ‘Africa for Africa’.

“Satellite has always been the de facto option to provide ubiquitous services in Africa and particularly in rural areas – and this remains unchanged,” says Bezuidenhout in a statement.

“What is changing is the market awareness that satellite is not only a high-end solution,” he adds.

Research and Markets has said that Angola is forecast to have 11.4 million mobile subscriber connections in 2015 with Unitel taking 70% market share.

Meanwhile, BuddeComm research says that the mobile penetration rate in Angola is 89%. The oil-rich nation has a population of 19.6 million, according to World Bank figures.

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