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FNB online banking voted best by SA consumers

By , ITWeb
South Africa , 07 May 2015

FNB online banking voted best by SA consumers

South African consumers have voted FNB the bank with the best internet banking facility.

This is according to a Columinate Internet Banking SITEisfaction Survey, which ranked FNB in the top spot for internet banking quality and user experience in South Africa.

A statement revealed that the country's third largest bank had an overall score of 75 points for the online banking platform in 2015.

Commenting on FNB's achievement Dione Sankar, head of FNB online banking said, “Our core focus has always been to enhance customer experience holistically and to pay attention to customer needs. We set up various feedback channels and when our clients spoke we listened and paid attention to any concerns raised.

"...At the root of our success is ensuring that we put the customer first by viewing everything from the client’s perspective. The success of FNB online banking in this is survey is largely owed to our firm belief in consistently enhancing customer experience.”

According to FNB it has over 1.4 million active online banking customers and 1.28 million active devices using the FNB banking app.

“From the results of this survey it’s clear that FNB is placed well ahead of the other banks, this is an achievement we are very proud of and we want to further improve the site in the coming year,” Sankar stated.

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