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eBooks: Fundamentals of Uninterrupted IT

Keep IT always-on: Defining the new IT profile

The role of IT as we know it is changing. Tech leaders around the globe are going through some of the most challenging IT transformation initiatives due to the trends from the last few years: the global pandemic, the “Great Resignation,” and the proliferation and preference of cloud-based applications are among those trends.

Before this shift, IT was known and seen primarily as a support function. But now it’s undeniable that IT has taken center stage as a business enabler and necessity for enterprise digital transformation. Any company that was delaying their digital transformation suddenly had no choice but to evolve or to disappear.

Serving this purpose isn’t without its difficulties or challenges. How do you keep your entire system online and functioning with no interruptions? We sat down with three tech leaders - Paul Wood, Jeffrey Wood, and Laurence Hendy - to discuss what they’re doing to identify and overcome these challenges. And not only that. They also address how to deliver business expectations and a delightful employee experience, too.

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