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Brit stranded in West Africa launches Corona app

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Benin , 15 May 2020
Adam Bradford has teamed up with local health professionals, entrepreneurs and tech talent to create an online COVID-19 kit.
Adam Bradford has teamed up with local health professionals, entrepreneurs and tech talent to create an online COVID-19 kit.

Adam Bradford, from Sheffield in the UK, is currently in Benin Republic, West Africa. A few weeks ago land borders were closed and flights out of the country are now sparse. He was in the country working on a project to support young people to become entrepreneurs. His programme, AdamStart, has seen over 8000 young people apply and have ideas supported since 2010.

Bradford has since teamed up with local health professionals, entrepreneurs and tech talent to create an online COVID-19 kit which helps to share information on the disease, prevention and the latest advisories.

The app will be shared throughout Africa, beginning in Benin Republic and Nigeria.

AdamStart is accepting ideas which tackle COVID-19 problems such as access to food and water, renewable energy and prevention equipment.

Bradford will fund and incubate the ideas along with a team of local entrepreneurs and mentors.

AdamStart says almost one thousand people have submitted ideas to the contest already with some being picked up by prominent officials including government ministers and major corporations.

KnowCovid19 Nigeria

His programme has also expressed support for KnowCovid19 Nigeria, a platform designed and developed by young entrepreneurs Abdulhakeem Abdulkareem and Abideen Olasupo.

The platform shows real-time data on COVID-19 cases, recent contact history, state-by-state data and includes an online symptom checker and mass information campaign.

Using a creative variety of cartoons, graphics and easy to understand information, the enterprising duo hope the platform will be the go to place for information for Nigerians on the pandemic. They also have plans to expand the platform across the Africa region.

Abdulhakeem commented: ‘We are delighted to be spotted and supported by AdamStart. Our goal is to leverage on this partnership and support to reach a wider community, most especially, in Africa.’

AdamStart has also partnered with Teens World Empowerment, a local youth organisation in Nigeria founded by 16-year-old Dahunsi Oluwanifemi, to host training courses for young people in the areas of web design, graphic design, 3D printing and entrepreneurship.

Similarly, 19-year-old Aliu Toluwani Victor has been supported to run a youth training camp through his organisation Upsurge Global which featured local social media influencers and high profile businesspeople encouraging young people to stay productive during the crisis.

The organisation has the support of Cherish Enterprise Institute, a University and education system founded by former Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Dr Abba Ruma in Nigeria, the Ubong King Foundation, Global IT Service in Benin and other local organisations who are backing the project.

Bradford said: ‘The Coronavirus is sweeping through communities and breaking up the fabric of the world’s economies, services and people. We need to put a stop to it. Rather than wallowing in the fact that I am stuck abroad, I am mobilising a global movement out of Africa which will come up with solutions that can impact the world. Our strategy is first about information sharing, ensuring people are aware of the risks and the latest safety advice. Secondly we will focus on solutions and antidotes to the problem, not necessarily a cure, but it would be amazing if we can find one.’

Benson Ekpo, a lifestyle influencer and Regional Director of AdamStart Africa, said: ‘This pandemic has forever changed the state of the world; it is imperative to our survival as a race to adapt quickly to the changes that will arise from this. I couldn’t be prouder to be associated with an organisation such as AdamStart which is setting the pace and activating young talents to innovate with the future in view.”

The AdamStart Corona Innovation Challenge is accepting proposals on a rolling basis at

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