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SA tech exec nominated for Africa women in development award

By , ITWeb
Africa , 12 Apr 2024
Joanna Govender, CEO of EPF Tech Fund.
Joanna Govender, CEO of EPF Tech Fund.

South African executive Joanna Jacqueline Govender, CEO of EPF Tech Fund and Empire Partner Foundation, has been named one of the top 50 Africans driving the continent's development by assisting entrepreneurs.

Govender is representing South Africa among 1700 nominees from 34 African countries for the African Women in Development Award (AIWD) by the Donors for Africa Foundation, based in Nigeria.

Donors for Africa Foundation is a non-profit organisation that collaborates with governments, social impact leaders, the commercial sector, philanthropic organisations, and investors to break the cycle of poverty and address Africa's concerns.

According to the organisers, the selected African women leaders and change-makers share a bold concept and a desire to positively impact their communities.

Commenting on her nomination, Govender said:" This acknowledgment from AWID is not just about celebrating individual achievements but amplifying the collective impact of women leaders who are driving meaningful change in their communities and beyond."

Govender's nomination follows her tech fund's announcement earlier this year that her team is looking into investment opportunities in Africa while also creating strategic relationships with firms and foundations throughout the continent to co-invest and multiply impact.

According to Govender, the fund aims to invest in young, high-potential, innovative entrepreneurs who will use technology to drive economic development across the continent.

Govender stated that the EPF Tech Fund, which now has $11 million (R200 million) to support young entrepreneurs, is raising an additional $4.2 million (R80 million) to invest in students and graduates developing technology solutions that might have a substantial impact.

She told ITWeb in January that EPF's desire to solve the ten core public sector difficulties via technological solutions.

Water, electricity, healthcare, education, agriculture, rural development, transportation, housing, unemployment, and security are the ten social and economic problems that the organisation strives to solve using technology.

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