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Angola: MasterCard partnership to strengthen financial services

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Angola , 27 Nov 2014

Angola: MasterCard partnership to strengthen financial services

Angolan citizens, tourists as well as business travelers carrying MasterCard branded cards can now withdraw funds from more than 2,600 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in the country.

The payments technology company has partnered with Empresa Interbancária de Serviços (EMIS), an operator of the Angolan interbank network, to ensure that ATMs in the country accept all MasterCard cards.

Prior to the partnership MasterCard holders could only access funds from 65 ATMs in the southern African nation.

Charlton Goredema, vice president and area business head, southern Africa at MasterCard told ITWeb Africa that the process with the ATMs is only phase one of the partnership.

"This is a partnership, which brings access to financial services for thousands of tourists, business people based in Angola," Goredema told ITWeb Africa.

"Just the day after the official opening of the ATMs we already starting seeing over 400 transactions coming in per day and this is bound to increase," he added.

According to EMIS ATM usage in Angola has increased rapidly.

ATM transactions have gone from 60 million reported in 2010 to more than 134 million transactions in 2013, says EMIS in a statement.

"EMIS is at the centre of financial services in Angola so it was a noble idea to partner with them because now all the ATMs are opened up and this is a first for the country," said Goredema.

"This partnership is the best for EMIS, for MasterCard and for customers," he said.

Goredema concluded, "We are working on opening up point of sale deployment with EMIS as well."

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