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Tactile Technologies ready for partnered growth

Tactile Technologies ready for partnered growth

Tactile Technologies, South Africa's largest independent touch screen vendor, has experienced phenomenal growth year-on-year since its establishment in 2001. The company is now looking for a strong partner to help expand its infrastructure, grow the brand and increase market share.

"For the last few years, we have experienced growth of between 30% and 50% each year, and the projects we are winning keep increasing in scale," says Mauro Mercuri, MD of Tactile Technologies. "We have now reached a stage where our existing infrastructure can no longer support this type of growth, and we are looking to join forces with the right investors in order to continue to flourish in the market."

Tactile Technologies is the sole distributor of the Elo Touch Systems brand in Africa, and distributors of Winmate Communications and MediaTile 3G Cellular Digital Signage, with an impressive footprint both in South Africa and up into the African continent. In a time when many businesses across the globe have had to close their doors in the face of growing economic pressure, Tactile Technologies has remained profitable not just by tightening the belt and reducing overheads, but largely thanks to its unmatched in-house knowledge, expertise and skills base.

"A large portion of our business is retail-based, and the retail industry has been hit hard by the global recession over the last six months," Mercuri adds. "However, we are confident in the market's ability to bounce back and resurrect itself, and we wish to keep on growing our brand and our market share against the day when the market recovers."

The company has an impressive client list, with organisations from diverse sectors, including clothing, car manufacturing, petroleum industry, technology retailers and cellular service providers. The aim for the year is to grow this already notable customer base to include even more well-known brands, as well as large corporate entities. In the face of tough times for business, the company's dedication to not just surviving, but growing through the difficulty, will stand it in good stead when the global economy recovers.

"We have a great business, a sound reputation and excellent potential for growth and profitability. But the reality is that in today's climate we need to strengthen our foundations in order to keep on executing plans and strategies. The time has come for Tactile to partner with an investor that can help us achieve our goals," Mercuri concludes.

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