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Telkom to prioritise SMEs in 2015

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South Africa , 19 Jan 2015

Telkom to prioritise SMEs in 2015

The delivery of accessible and value-adding ICT functionality specifically tailored to South Africa's growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) is a key priority for Telkom in 2015.

The South African fixed-line telecommunications company released a statement saying the SME sector is widely recognised as a key contributor to the country's economic growth and job creation agenda, and it is "best placed to offer true convergence to these critical business players."

The operator said its ability to offer all the components of fixed, data, cloud, IT and mobile capabilities means it is well placed to serve the SME sector.

Dedicated business desks have been mobilised by Telkom to serve SME customers. These have been created to meet ICT needs and ensure suitable product choices across mobile, fixed voice and data offerings.

Thami Magazi, Telkom's Managing Executive for the Small and Medium Business Services division, says, "Telkom recognises the vital role it can play in supporting the development of the SME sector. As a leading ICT player in the country, the products we develop will go a long way in enhancing efforts aimed at bringing the second economy into the first.

"Our aim is to provide valuable product offerings and solutions designed specifically for small and medium business as they seek to be sustainable and competitive," continued Magazi.

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