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Kenya: telcos secure US$8.3m broadband contract

Kenya , 26 Apr 2017

Kenya: telcos secure US$8.3m broadband contract

Liquid Telecom Ltd, Xtranet Communications Ltd and Commcarrier Satellite Services Ltd. have been awarded the contract to connect 896 schools across Kenya at a cost of Ksh.836 million (US$8.3 million).

The contract forms part of the Communication Authority's (CA) broadband plan to link up close to 900 schools with high-speed internet connection under the Education Broadband Connectivity Project.

Funding for the project has been sourced from the Universal Service Fund (USF), established to facilitate access to ICT services in Kenya and sustained through levies collected from telecom and internet companies.

Through the project, schools will be equipped with a computer lab, incorporating at least ten computers with 5Mbps internet connection and other technical resources.

"The project will greatly improve education through digital learning by enabling access to online content by student and teachers. This will be actualised through the creation of an education portal with digitised KCSE [Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education] curriculum," said CA chairman Ngene Gituku.

The Authority has also confirmed it will also undertake the Voice Infrastructure Project for 2G mobile services in selected sub-locations to enhance voice and internet coverage to under-serviced areas.

According to the latest ICT Access Gaps study by the CA, 5.6% of the population or about 2.66 million people, have no access to telecommunication services at all.

"About 418 sub-locations have less than half of their population covered by communications services while another 164 sub-locations have no access to 2G mobile services," the report said.

It added that only 2454 sub-locations have 100 percent population coverage of 3G and broadband, but 1,244 have no access to 3G networks.

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