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Liquid Telecom Rwanda launches 'Liquid Home' fibre broadband

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Rwanda , 26 Feb 2020

Liquid Telecom Rwanda launches 'Liquid Home' fibre broadband

Liquid Telecom Rwanda, part of pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom, has launched Liquid Home, which it describes as 'affordable super-fast broadband'.

According to a statement by the company, the announcement coincides with the company's re-brand of its retail arm from Hai to Liquid Home.

The service means residents of Kigali can benefit from affordable Affordable 24/7 internet connectivity, unlimited data across all packages with free fibre installation, a choice of download speeds up to 150Mbps, among other benefits.

The company underlines flexible payment options with prices starting from 27,999 RwF a month.

Alexis Kabeja, chief executive officer, Liquid Telecom in Rwanda, said: "By making it easy for more homes to connect to the fastest and most reliable broadband network, Liquid Telecom has set a new benchmark for affordable internet connectivity aligned to the government's digital agenda."

Sam Nkusi, Chairman, Liquid Telecom East Africa, added: "Rwanda is one of the fastest-growing African countries in ICT with more of our citizens than ever now using the internet. Liquid Telecom is playing a key role in driving internet penetration and bridging the digital divide by offering faster, reliable and affordable broadband internet connectivity to more people as the Government of Rwanda's continues to push the ICT agenda."

Africa exploits

The company continues to make inroads into key Africa markets.

Most recently the company announced the roll out of fibre in South Sudan's capital Juba.

As reported by ITWeb Africa, South Sudan will link to Liquid Telecom's network across the East Africa region including Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania, and the Republic of Uganda.

This will potentially connect up to 300 million people and is expected to stimulate cross-border investment and trade.

Liquid Telecom South Africa also recently partnered with Internet Solutions to provide them with wholesale 5G connectivity targeted at delivering enterprise services to their existing and potential new customer base.

In a statement the companies explain that 5G connectivity provides operators and ISPs with faster speeds, lower latency and greater capacity, "ultimately enabling businesses to deliver richer experiences to their customers."

Reshaad Sha, chief executive officer of Liquid Telecom South Africa said: "Local businesses are adopting technologies like SD-WAN, IOT, and cloud computing, however, these technologies need network connectivity that provides high quality, increased capacity, and greater reliability to ensure optimum performance. Providing Internet Solutions with 5G wholesale services as an alternative to fibre connectivity, Liquid Telecom South Africa is highlighting how we are delivering on our commitment to the market to continue being the Best Business Network in South Africa".

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