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Zim officials complain about fibre trenches

By , ITWeb
Zimbabwe , 21 Jun 2012

Zim officials complain about fibre trenches

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) wants Internet Access Providers (IAPs) companies to limit the number of trenches they dig to lay fibre infrastructure.

Hilda Mutseyekwa, a Potraz executive, said the organisation was concerned at the rate at which IAPs were digging up earth for trenches.

“We do not need to have many trenches of fibre going in the same direction,” said Mutseyekwa at the 2012 ICT Convention in Harare.

“It is also expensive for them (IAPs). There is no need for them to dig the ground but share and develop the infrastructure that is available,” she added.

A prominent engineer, Robert Ndlovu, said IAPs should share existing infrastructure rather than digging to many trenches, which could be to the detriment of the environment.

He also said if the country's 12 IAPs adopted this, they will maximise on investment utilisation and improve ICT service coverage.

“The only reason that they do not share infrastructure is because they do not trust each other,” said Ndlovu.

“IAPs pay a fee to Potraz and they should work on this issue,” Ndlovu said.

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