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South Sudan’s Digitel launches the country’s first 5G network

By , ITWeb
South Sudan , 14 Jun 2024
De Chan Awuol, Digitel's executive vice president.
De Chan Awuol, Digitel's executive vice president.

Digitel has become the first telecom company in South Sudan to launch 5G network.

The company unveiled the network yesterday, saying that 5G users will now enjoy "lightning-fast speeds and unprecedented connectivity."

Digitel became the first mobile telecom firm owned by South Sudanese citizens when it launched in 2020.

South Sudan has three telecom providers: Digitel, South African mobile operator MTN, and Kuwait-based multinational operator Zain Telecom. The country's population is just over 11 million.

Digitel stated that it was founded with the goal of improving communications and increasing the use of ICTs in South Sudan.

The telco also offer 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE services, as well as internet and mobile financial services.

The telco’s 5G launch comes as analysts say the technology will accelerate the rise of the Internet of Things and lead to increased automation, efficiency, and quality of life.

Other benefits of 5G, according to Accenture, the technology offers faster speeds, lower latency, higher capacity, and improved network reliability.

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