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Nigeria’s iBridge Hub teaches children to code

Nigeria , 19 Nov 2013

Nigeria’s iBridge Hub teaches children to code

iBridge Hub, a Nigerian technology collaboration space in Ibadan, has commenced training of local children in computer coding languages in a bid to stem the shortage of programmers in the West African country.

Head of iBridge Hub and initiator of iCode, Francis Madojemu, has said the children have been drawn from secondary schools across the country and are expected to be trained on basic computer coding language so as to make them proficient in technology innovation.

Madojemu, though, has expressed concerns that Africa has become preoccupied with consuming finished products without knowing or attempting to provide input on how the products have been made.

He said Africa needs to be fluent in technology terminology and not just remain consumers of offerings made elsewhere.

“A lot of people know about such social media as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But unfortunately, they only know about the finished products and not how the products were developed,” said Madojemu.

“What we are trying to do with the children is to introduce them to the behind-the-scenes of the technology that is running the world today so that they can apply it and use it to change the world.

"There is a huge need for people with such understanding in the world, talk less of Nigeria. Even the Computer Society of Nigeria (COSON) has revealed that we have the problem of lack of people who can code and understand how to build technology you can apply,” Madojemu said.

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