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Mozambique to switch to digital technology

By , ITWeb
Mozambique , 04 Jun 2012

Mozambique to switch to digital technology

The Mozambican Telecommunications Company (TDM) wants the country’s radio and televisions stations to switch to a digital system as soon as possible.

This development would see Mozambique dump its old analogue system for digital, a technology development, which TDM believes could be a turnaround strategy for broadcasting in the country.

“Mozambique needs $60 million for the process and the country does not have the money for this,” said Simão Anguilazi, deputy chairman of the committee for Mozambique’s digital process.

Anguilazi also said that the process has to be concluded by 2015 and would ensure that the country’s radio and television stations use the digital system.

Anquilazi said at the Mozambique government initially decided to embark on digitalisation of their broadcasting last year, but they had to postpone the process due to logistical issues.

He said the government decided to adopt the European model, known as DVB-T2 (Video-Land Digital Broadcasting), also used by members of the Southern African Development Community.

“Mozambique is advancing in this regard and the first trial processes will start in 2014”, said Anguilazi.

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