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Fujikura uplifts fibre market

Johannesburg , 11 Jun 2019

Fujikura uplifts fibre market

Fujikura Ltd, a Japanese company, was founded in February 1885 by Zenpachi Fujikura. The company originally sold hair braiding paraphernalia. With the advent of electricity, Zenpachi decided to use his knowledge of the hair braiding industry to start Fujikura Electrical Company.

Optical fibre was successfully developed in 1970 by Corning Glass Works. One of the challenges that presented itself was the joining of two fibres. No such technology existed; however, in 1978 Fujikura developed the first Splice Machine, Fujikura FR-1. By 1980 Single Mode fibres were developed and in 1985 Fujikura launched the world's first fully automated Arc Fusion Splicing Machine, the F-20. This was the first splicer to use the PAS system now common in all modern splicing machines.

Over the years Fujikura has grown to an industrial giant with over 50 000 employees and clocking over USD6 Billion per annum. They have become one of the largest cable manufacturers in the world, specializing in many industries including Power and Telecoms Systems Energy Business, Telecommunication Business, Electronics, Automotive Products, Superconductor, Medical Devices, Real Estate, etc.

Today, Fujikura is a worldwide brand known to be at the forefront of the splice machine technology as well as other technologies. ICL (IC Logistix (Pty) Ltd) was founded in 2011 when an opportunity opened to attain the distribution rights for Fujikura Splicer Equipment and Accessories Department in Southern Africa. ICL is an importer and distributor of specialised technology and equipment. Their key focus is on the telecommunications market holding the distributorship in Fujikura, AFL Test & Certification Department, AFL- Hyperscale, Softing, Ripley, etc. They also resell several market leading brands like Plumettaz and CBS.

Fujikura, in conjunction with ICL has launched a once-in-a-lifetime promotion to help uplift the fibre market in South Africa. The deal is a Trade-in Promotion and the aim is to help and support those who want to get rid of their old splice machines. The older generation splice machines, for instance, do not do core alignment splices on the more modern G.657 Bend-insensitive fibres. Technology has advanced so much in the recent years and this is an opportunity to upgrade at an affordable price.

Trade-in your old (any brand) core-alignment splicer and purchase the flagship, state-of-the-art Fujikura-70S+ complete kit for only R59 995.00 excl. VAT. The 70S+ kit comes complete with the new Bluetooth CT50 cleaver. The equipment communicates with each other and your smart device via Bluetooth. Blade rotation on the cleaver is AI controlled based on the information sent to the splicer unit. The 70S+ is also the only automated splicer on the market and splices in just 4 steps. (other splicers use 9 steps). From 6sec splicing and 9sec heating in the unique duel-element oven.

The promotion end on 31 August 2019. ICL offers a 1-year maintenance plan included and a 3-year factory warranty. Our local calibration lab is certified by Fujikura for all service and repairs.

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