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Keeping up with the evolution of FTTX OSP

Keeping up with the evolution of FTTX OSP

Outside plant (OSP) equipment used in South Africa has evolved at a rapid pace, moving from labour intensive, time consuming installation processes to products that makes fast and easy installation possible. Some examples are the move to pre-connectorised fibre optic drop cables and termination boxes as well as closures that support these cables. While Tank Industries is still selling a range of Venus distribution boxes, of which a few hundred thousand have been sold in South Africa and Europe, we have now decided to reduce the price of these boxes, some of our dome closures as well as other FTTX accessories in this highly contended market.

Newly Developed Termination Box
In order to stay at the leading edge we launched the new Polaris Termination Box at the FTTX Conference in Durban on 11 September 2018. This versatile termination box can be used for a variety of installations, especially in MDU's / building complexes.

Our partners, Reichle and De-Massari, is currently taking steps to increase their production capacity and within the next few months they should be ready to supply 160,000 Polaris boxes to Germany, as recently announced by Radosveta Radeva, Research and Development manager at R & M.

Connectorised Drop Cable
Pre-connectorised outdoor drop cables are used to connect the external street enclosure, distribution box on the façade or boundary wall with the subscriber optical outlet inside the home. Since it enters the subscribers' home, and is exposed to external conditions, specific materials are used to comply with LSZH requirements and ensure at the same time that it is UV-stabilised and can stand harsh outdoor conditions. With LC/APC – SC/APC Single Mode SX 9/125 adapters, the 4.0mm diameter tight buffered fibre optic cable supports quick and easy connection.

For more information contact Chris Boshoff, Product Manager, Telecoms Division on 021 700 4380 or at

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