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Botswana govt floats eGovernment architecture tender

Botswana govt floats eGovernment architecture tender

Botswana, though its government modernisation office, has floated a tender for provision of professional services for the development of eGovernment service oriented enterprise architecture.

According to the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) the project is expected to solve the architectural problem in achieving seamless eGovernment interoperability and helps in finding a common understanding of e-government and its realisation.

"This is an open international competitive bidding tender inviting tender offers for the provision of professional services for the development of an e-Government service oriented enterprise architecture, whose integrated components are an e-Government enterprise architecture framework, e-Government enterprise architecture for the whole of government, e-Government interoperability framework and service oriented architecture for a period of 36 months," said Masingoaneng Ramodimoosi, board secretary at PPADB.

The tender invitation states that 100% foreign owned companies shall subcontract up to 30% of the contract to a 100% citizen owned company and must indicate the sub-contractor by name, as well as the percentage of work to be subcontracted in line with Botswana's Citizen Economic Empowerment Policy of 2012.

The Citizen Economic Empowerment Policy in Botswana is expected to promote effective participation of Batswana in the economic growth and development of the country, among others agendas.

The bidding process for the tender is expected to close by 21 January.

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