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Orange Botswana 5G is a shot in the arm for country’s e-health

Orange Botswana’s recent launch of 5G is poised to drive up interest and adoption of local e-health services.

Orange Botswana is the first Orange subsidiary in Africa to launch the 5G network and the development has far-reaching implications for local healthcare.

Fidelis Madondo, Head of Emergency Services (EMS) at MRI Botswana Limited said 5G will enable under-served communities to access much-needed health services.

“The 5G technology will now enable remote communities to receive desired attention, as MRI is piloting a telemedicine ambulance project,” said Madondo, who added that the project will expedite the roll out of remote medical care and diagnostics.

Madondo added that 5G will enable healthcare professionals to treat critical patients in realtime, without having to worry about location, distance and other logistic issues.

“Orange Botswana has put the country at the forefront of e-health, with ambulance telemedicine now easily achievable,” said Madondo.

Monica Somolokae, IT Manager at the Ministry of Health (MoH) Botswana said 5G will support the country’s digital transformation.

She said MoH has piloted the use of 5G technology on teleradiology or the transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another.

“Being connected to a high speed network will not limit the provision of healthcare services. 5G is great because of the high bandwidth, low latency and quality pictures with no buffering,” said Somolokae.

Somolokae added that the new technology will prevent patients from being turned away at healthcare facilities due to a lack of qualified personnel to review X-rays, CTs and MRI scans.

With coverage of 30% of the country’s population, Orange will roll out 5G in the greater Gaborone and Francistown before other cities in early 2023.

Orange 5G roll out is closely aligned with the government’s ambition to leverage 4IR innovation towards transforming Botswana into a knowledge-based economy.

Jerome Henique, CEO, Orange Middle East and Africa, said, "The opportunities that this technology can unlock not just for the ICT industry but for all enterprises in Botswana are promising."

He said 5G can deliver speeds of up to ten times faster and will offer greater capacity for businesses.

“5G will help SMEs grow their business and expand their capabilities to manage greater markets and a wider customer base,” said Henique.

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