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Onix Data Centre connects to Angola Cables Network

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Angola , 24 Nov 2023
Tier IV Onix Data Centre in Ghana to connect to Angola Cables Network to expand digital offering.
Tier IV Onix Data Centre in Ghana to connect to Angola Cables Network to expand digital offering.

The Angola Cables Global Data Centre Interconnect now includes the carrier-neutral, colocation Tier IV Onix Data Centre in Accra, Ghana.

This integration, announced by Tier IV Onix Data Centre, will improve international connectivity in Ghana and Senegal by providing access to 66 new data centres, eight OTTs/CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), and 21 IXPs (Internet exchange point).

It is stated that this is part of Onix's goal to create a dense ecosystem of partners.

"The 2,000 m2 data centre has been designed to cater to the growing demands of business in Ghana and the region," says Onix.

"The facility already serves primary banking and financial clients, and it was specifically designed to provide flexible services to the business and corporate sectors.

"Guaranteeing maximum uptime and reliability, the facility currently has 170, 3kW and 5kW racks and a pod of 50 racks available for individual clients wanting to share infrastructure and reduce costs."

According to Michael Nahon, CEO, Onix, the partnership with Angola Cables via its West African subsidiary, TelCables, is a critical component in providing interconnected carrier and cloud-neutral services to a wide range of customers seeking to store and manage their digital assets and business-critical data.

"Our intent has been to develop a reliable facility that can accommodate and deliver secure services to hyperscalers and carriers supporting terrestrial networks as well as existing and new subsea cables planned for the region."

On the subject of green energy, Nahon says: "Currently, solar powered technology generates 67% of our energy requirements. We also have the capacity to increase this in the future as we grow."

According to Fernando Fernandes, CEO, TelCables Nigeria  said West Africa, Ghana and Senegal are key and expanding economies in the Pan-African market.

"Partners like Onix are playing a vital role in developing the infrastructure necessary to expand digital services and provide the platform for ISPs, CDNs and other enterprises contributing to the explosive growth in data traffic, cloud services and content distribution across the African continent."

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