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  • HUAWEI AppGallery allows you to explore countless possibilities of cutting-edge innovation
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HUAWEI AppGallery allows you to explore countless possibilities of cutting-edge innovation

HUAWEI AppGallery continues to innovate and overcome obstacles, achieving outstanding success and milestones. AppGallery is the go-to app marketplace with endless exploration, supporting daily functions and offering innovative capabilities. With 580 million monthly active users and more apps being added daily, there are many apps to discover and more to explore, no matter which Huawei device you use.

Explore innovation: driving progress and generating creative solutions to challenges

Since its launch, Huawei users have been exploring the persistent innovation of AppGallery that led significant accomplishments and notable milestones. As a result, AppGallery has emerged as the go-to destination for app exploration, enabling limitless exploration, facilitating daily tasks and providing innovative features. HUAWEI AppGallery, which has seen an uninterrupted growth despite the challenges, says it has firmly established itself as one of the world’s top three app marketplaces. Serving over 580 million monthly active users, AppGallery continues to offer a wide range of popular global games and local apps that make life more convenient for users.

Explore fun: actively seeking and engaging in activities, experiences, entertainment

AppGallery has been demonstrating its wide range of fun-filled entertainment offerings with its users from global must-haves to local favourites for quite some time. AppGallery's ongoing promotions, such as Level Up events and weekly Friday offers, allow users to enjoy top games such as PUBG MOBILE, Garena Free Fire, Gardenscapes, RoyalMatch and others.

Explore passion: Acknowledging the shared success with our partners

AppGallery's passion and dedication lies in recognising the value of its partners and acknowledging their contributions as integral to the shared success. Furthermore, AppGallery has gained the trust of major international and local partners, demonstrating a commitment to shared success, including Viu, Standard Bank, Takealot, Mr D, Superbalist and others that have demonstrated dozens of successful local partnership stories.

Explore success: Success reflected in the impressive numbers and awards

AppGallery has achieved remarkable success with over 580 million monthly active users in 170 countries, making it one of the top three app marketplaces globally. It received the 'Best Alternative App Store of the Year' award at the Mobile Games Awards 2023, highlighting its support from 6 million registered developers.

Explore technology and youth: Immense growth opportunities for young app developers

AppGallery prioritises technology and youth, offering programmes like HUAWEI Student Developers, Developer Groups and to empower young app developers from around the world. The Apps UP 2022 competition awarded $220 000 in cash prizes to 14 standout apps, attracting immense interest with 5 000 teams and 2 500 submissions.

Overall, AppGallery’s ongoing promotions and offers, coupled with its commitment to shared success with its partners, underpins its passion for exploring new possibilities and enables its users to enjoy tomorrow’s mobile experiences today.

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AppGallery - Top 3 App Marketplaces Globally

AppGallery is a smart and innovative ecosystem that allows developers to create unique experiences for consumers. Huawei’s unique HMS Core allows apps to be integrated across different devices, delivering more convenience and a smoother experience – and this is part of our wider “1+8+N” strategy at Huawei.

Huawei’s vision is to make AppGallery an open, innovative app distribution platform that is accessible to consumers, and at the same time, strictly protects users’ privacy and security while providing them with a unique and smart experience. Being among the top 3 global app marketplaces, AppGallery offers a wide variety of global and local apps across 18 categories, including navigation & transport, news, social media, and others. AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries and regions with over 580 million monthly active users. Huawei has partnered with 6 million registered developers across the globe. In 2021, AppGallery witnessed over 432 billion app downloads across the globe.

* Article first published on www.itweb.co.za

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