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On-demand services in demand in Africa

Africa , 15 May 2015

On-demand services in demand in Africa

Inigmah, a Video-on-Demand, IPTV and e-commerce company, has expanded its offering and services to Sierra Leone.

The company, with offices in Singapore, US and London, is also looking establish a footprint in Ghana, South Africa, South Sudan and Zimbabwe in the coming months.

"We are also at advanced stages to launch in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania which, once completed, will give us an incredible footprint in some of the fastest growing economies in Africa," Inigmah's Group CEO Glenn Davies said.

The company helps service providers launch on-demand services by providing relevant technology and also aids in monetisation options for their products.

Davies added that, "We are very excited to have launched in Sierra Leone and have been working hard over the past few months to build some great momentum there already."

Franklyn Jumu will head the operations in Sierra Leone.

The company has also announced that it aims to also offer services in the Telecommunication sector in Africa, among many other offerings.

"We are fortunate to offer such a diverse range of solutions and services to Africa. We are right now working closely with several Governments around our Social Media Analytics solution, Universities for E-Learning, leading Banks for our optical scanning mobile App, and TV operators for our VOD and IPTV solutions. Africa has a lot to offer and we are enjoying the ride," Davies concluded.

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