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Bayobab wins international fibre licence in Zambia

By , ITWeb
Zambia , 11 Sep 2023
Bayobab Group CEO Frédéric Schepens.
Bayobab Group CEO Frédéric Schepens.

Bayobab Group has been given an International Network Licence in Zambia, paving the path for cross-border fibre capacity transit.

The MTN Group-owned company announced the news today, stating that the move "opens new doors and strengthens Zambia's position as a digital hub of Southern Africa."

This is Bayobab's second licencing win in as many weeks. Last week, Bayobab’s Nigerian subsidiary announced it is now permitted to enable long-distance traffic.

In announcing the Zambia licence today, Bayobab Group stated that the connection landscape in Zambia has been through substantial transformations, and that with the permit, the firm would also play a role in bridging the connectivity gap.

“With access to over 4,000 kilometres of proprietary fibre in the country, the award of the International Network Licence, granted by the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), will allow the transportation of digital capacity across borders,” said Frédéric Schepens, CEO of the Bayobab Group.

Lillian T Mutwalo, MD, Bayobab Zambia, added: “This milestone paves the way for a future where borders become digital gateways, enabling progress and prosperity for Zambia, and beyond.”

Felix Mutati, Minister of Technology and Science, hailed the company, saying it will help spur innovation, which will help the economy grow.

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