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Recognising high standards in the fibre industry

Recognising high standards in the fibre industry

The FTTH Council Africa, a not for profit organisation that lobbies on behalf of companies with a vested interest in fibre optics, announced that they will, for the first time, host an Awards Ceremony at their annual conference to celebrate companies that have consistently worked hard to make a difference in the industry.

The conference, now in its 3rd year, will take place on 28th and 29th October at Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg. According to Came, president of the FTTH Council Africa, sponsorships were already sold out weeks ago. "The conference team has been hard at work ironing out the smallest details of this year's event", says Came.

Referring to the Awards he says: "The board felt that the FTTH Council Africa needs to acknowledge the excellent work that is being done by the industry and with that in mind we decided on a few categories that we feel important to recognise. Any company may nominate itself and nominations are free". Categories include 2 individual awards, aimed at recognising individuals that have demonstrated extraordinary leadership attributes and have made a difference in the industry through passionate work. "Behind each entry, there is the commitment of the person concerned; people who make a difference and that others look up to," says Came.

"Telecommunications industries in Africa, a developing continent, is faced with urgency to deliver improved and efficient broadband to its citizens, and this whilst facing many barriers and obstacles. Yet this industry has proven itself in the last 5 years and is continuing to grow at tremendous pace. It is my firm believe that Africa's ever hungry end users will drive broadband penetration and Africa will leapfrog the rest of the world. However, it is imperative that networks are deployed at the highest standard, that we pay stringent attention to ensure the lifespan of these networks are protected, and that quality of service remains top of mind."

In addition there is an award for Innovations, for the company that have shown excellence in this area. "Business is under pressure to stay abreast of an ever changing industry and thus have to constantly adapt and develop new and innovative solutions," says Came. "This award is to celebrate achievement in the category of innovation".

"In addition we have decided to showcase some of the excellent work that private sector is doing through social upliftment projects and decided to award best Not for Profit project."

There are limited seats available, so delegates are encouraged to register quickly. "As with sponsorships these are selling fast and we are limited by the capacity of the venue. Next year we will have to find a venue that can accommodate at least double what we planned for this year".

The rate at which this event is growing annually means that the FTTH Council has, in the last 3 years, doubled its attendance year on year.

"This shows the interest in fibre and the degree at which the industry is growing. In addition, as we expand our footprint into Africa it is clear that this will be the largest fibre optic event on the continent and next year's venue will need to accommodate hundreds of people".

Asking if they have selected a venue for next year he avoids a direct answer: "I can tell you that we are talking to governments in Africa that is very excited to partner with us in delivering the event. They recognise the importance of fibre optic infrastructure in broadband penetration and is eager to find ways to rapidly deploy infrastructure. However, the location and venue remains a secret that will only be revealed during the closing ceremony of this year's conference".

"The conference is a time to learn, share experiences, make new friends and find solutions, but it is, as importantly, a time for recognising individuals and organisations that have delivered outstanding work, and we would like to share the stories of their quest for excellence."

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