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Kenya's CA outlines quality of service measures for telcos

Kenya , 27 Feb 2018

Kenya's CA outlines quality of service measures for telcos

Kenya's Communication Authority has gazetted guidelines for Quality of Service tests for the local telecommunications industry

The guidelines Framework for The Assessment of Service Quality of Telecommunication Systems and Services will subject telecoms to network performance, end-to-end quality service and customer experience tests.

The Authority requires that raw data be transmitted to its servers on an hourly basis for network performance analysis.

"At the same time the Licensees will analyse the same data and send the subsequent reports in an agreed format to CA, specifying the manner in which the sampling has been done with sufficient detail to enable the Authority to verify the accuracy of the any given report," the guidelines stated.

"CA on the other hand will randomly sample raw data of particular months, analyse and compare with the relevant reports provided by the Licensees. This will enable CA to independently verify the reports submitted by the Licensees. Recommendation ITU-T E.804 will be the general guiding document in this respect," it continued.

End-to-end quality of service tests will be conducted through existing drive or walk tests, with specialised stationary or mobile units placed on vehicles or subscriber handsets installed with software to monitor the KPIs.

The CA intends to run random surveys to further establish customer experience.

In its full implementation expected in three years, the CA will award 60% points to end-to-end quality of service while network performance and service experience will account for 25% and 15% respectively.

According to the regulations set, the telecom companies will have to attain an aggregate of 80% and above to be considered compliant. Failure may result in penalties and sanctions that will apply on an annual basis.

"The tools necessary for receiving and analysing the said data will be procured and deployed by the Authority," the guideline continued.

An agreed minimum sample size that will be scientifically acceptable will be implemented.

The CA intends to publish its findings periodically on their website or via local dailies.

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