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Malawi's Alonda connects the community to vital service providers

By , ITWeb Africa correspondent
Malawi , 08 Aug 2023
iMoSyS team, a Malawian social company in charge of a number of health initiatives.
iMoSyS team, a Malawian social company in charge of a number of health initiatives.

In Malawi, the Alonda tech platform is transforming access to vital services by merging them on a single portal.

With the press of a button, Alonda, which translates to "Guards," provides GPS locations to first responders and vital service providers.

Following that, an alert is sent to critical services including towing, ambulance services, trash management, mobility services, cleaning, fumigation and landscaping, and fire response, among others.

The platform was developed by iMoSyS, a Malawian social enterprise responsible for a number of health initiatives.

"Consider Alonda as a business directory with a focus on service accessibility. With a single swipe, the software connects you to the nearest needed services using GPS coordinates," Desire Mwanza Peno, business development manager for iMoSyS, noted.

He added: "The platform's functions range from identifying necessary services like ambulances, tow trucks, and taxis to creating a digital marketplace where SMEs like plumbers, dish installers, and car hire businesses can reach 'a wider clientele' by receiving leads through the app.

"However, in times of crisis, it also allows users to alert neighbours, loved ones, and emergency services." 

By subscribing to the platform, users gain access to the services and can use the app to phone, chat, or send warnings. Alonda may now be downloaded through Google Play and the App Store.

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