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Electricity outage knocks out Botswana internet services

Electricity outage knocks out Botswana internet services

Botswana’s business community has been experiencing slow internet coupled with outages, causing business interruptions across the country.

Acknowledging the outages on Tuesday Botswana Telecommunication (BTC) said that customers connected to systems linked to the likes of WACS J1-J7 STM1 have been experiencing perennial internet outages.

BTC says electricity outages on the Botswana Power Corporation grid in the western part of the country caused the internet interruptions.

“There had been some BPC mains power outages in Gantsi area, namely Tsootsha, Karakubis, Charleshil, Ncojane, Xanagas, Chobokwane, Makunda and therefore services in these areas were affected,” Golekanye Molapisi, BTC communications manager.

“These areas are served from Namibia, currently BPC and the Namibian counterparts are working on the problem,” he added.

Molapisi said a shortage of generators to be run at each site grossly impacted on efforts to correct the situation.

“To keep up with the failures, generators had to be run on each site, which was not feasible as there was a shortage of generators and BTCL personnel.”

Currently the affected area is getting power from a generator running at Tsootsha.

Botswana has been recording heavy rains and some part have reported floods which has caused damage to infrastructure.

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