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Algeria sets e-payment adoption ultimatum

Algeria , 07 Sep 2020

Merchants in Algeria have until 31 December 2020 to facilitate electronic payment, according to a directive issued by the country’s Ministry of Commerce.

The directive compels merchants to set up infrastructure to enable cashless transactions.

Authorities believe this will curb the spread of COVID-19 and encourage development of the country’s e-commerce industry.

The Ministry stated: “In implementation of the provisions of Article 111 of the Finance Law for the year 2020, the Ministry of Trade informs all merchants that they are obligated to place at the disposal of the consumer electronic payment methods in order to enable them to pay the amount of purchases through bank or postal account that is legally located at the level of Algeria Post or accredited banking institutions.”

Merchants that do not have means of receiving electronic payment must approach the Algeria Post and/or banks and banking institutions to assist in setting up a remote payment service, notably TPE QR Code.

“Every trader must comply no later than December 31, 2020, by submitting an application at the level of the competent departments of the aforementioned postal and banking institutions, which received a receipt for that,” the Ministry added.

Those unable to start receiving electronic payment before the deadline need to provide evidence that they had already applied to avert possible sanctions.

Algeria’s plan to aggressively drive the adoption of e-payment among merchants was first announced in April 2020 by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications Brahim Boumzar.

Aside the convenience of collecting cashless payment, the Minister also added that e-payment is expected to improve the visibility of state services on the real turnover of several businesses.

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